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You can either find a planned lesson on our facebookpage or if you are more than 4 people you can decide time and place!

The price is 890 kr. pr. pers.
We also have a FRIEND DISCOUNT. Meaning if you bring a friend along to join the lesson and to share one rig together, you both get 90 kr. off the price. Total 800 kr. pr. pers.
Please contact me directly for booking. I’m available on the phone and will answer you in a short time (unless I’m out on the water).

If you have your own equipment it costs only 790 kr. for a lesson.

You can rent windsurfing equipment from Kristiansand Brettseilerklubb for only kr. 150 pr. pers. If you are an experienced sailor we only need to verify that you have the correct skill level required and you can start renting. If you are a beginner you can take “windsurfing level 1” lesson for only 2500 kr. pr. pers. After spending 2-3 days with us you will be able to rent equipment. All the equipment are located in Åshavn. By standard it is not allowed to bring the equipment away from Åshavn. or contact card: