Being a windsurfer you get a semi meteorologist when trying to estimate the conditions. These are my best tips for you to find out how the conditions are going to develop.

In this case I’m looking out for witch type of system that’s pumping the wind. Here you have a traditional system from the Atlantic, and the wind tomorrow morning are going to be strong and stable. It’s a low pressure system with some rain, but warmer weather during winter time. In the summer time the high pressure systems are what to look out for.

Usually I sail 5,8 sail in Åshavn. The forecast on YR is often 12 m/s +/- 1 when this is the case. If it’s like tomorrow with 16 m/s i usually go down to a 4,7 sail. If it’s less wind than 12 m/s i go up to 7,8 sail.

Hopefully this will help you to be sure about what conditions to use and which sail to use.