Practical tips and FAQ

This site is under construction. More information will be provided during the season. We would like to get feed back from all of you that read this page. Send us a message with information you would like to see on this page.


Practical tips and FAQ about the courses.

Your safety is our focus. With long experience on the water in any conditions our instructors are well equipped to choose locations and to lead the lessons in a safe way. If needed we will bring a safety boat along.  All the participants are responsible for their own safety and damage on third person.

You can pay either by vipps (86367), bank transfere (30603450554) or cash. Payment are done at the spot.

890 kr. pr. pers. for 2-3 hours included rent and instruction. 690 kr. pr. pers for 2-3 hours of instruction when you have your own gear.

Friend discount:
If you bring a friend along to join the lesson and to share one rig together, you both get 90 kr. off the price. Total 800 kr. pr. pers.

Minimum age is 8 year due to height and strength. Average age the last season was approx. between 25 and 35! Upper limit doesn’t exist. Oldest windsurfer I’ve met in Kristiansand was 76 years old.

Hamresanden and Åshavn are the main locations. We are mobile and move the lessons to a spot of your desire. Ask for more information.
Hamresanden is for beginnes and a very safe spot. Åshavn is for intermediate and packs a lot of stable wind. The safe alternative if you want power in your sail.

We can offer transportation. Ask for it when you order a lesson.

If the weather conditions are splendid, the lessons last approx. 3 hours. In wors conditions they tend to last 1,5-2,0 hours.

Our instructors are watching the forecasts ahead of a lesson. We will give you a message with 2-3 days warning if the weather is closing us down. The basic rule is 2-10 m/s wind speed and +15 degrees in air and water, no matter rain or sun. Anything outside that rule will be evaluated by our instructors due to safety.

Clothing and wet suits:
Make sure to bring warm clothing and put them on as soon as possible after the lesson. We have some wet suits that’s possible to rent, but there is no guaranty that we have your size. The best alternative is that you bring your own wet suit, or if can borrow one that you know fits your body.

Changing rooms and toilets:
We don’t have any changing rooms or toilets. Make sure to bring something that you can change behind like a towel. Hamresanden camping have some toilets that are open during the season, but normally we don’t have any toilet facilities.

Food and drinks:
It’s important that you bring some water and energy. Water activities like windsurfing consumes a lot of energy and the risk of dehydration is real. Drink before, during and after the lesson and make sure to eat something when you get out of the water. This will also help you getting warm.